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Navigating the legal side of your business is something you'll want an attorney for. Moshe Z. Mirsky, Esq. represents clients going through business litigation and more. In addition to legal services, he provides advice for company decisions, strategic planning services and support during negotiations and contract issues.

Contact him now if you need a guiding hand for the legal side of your business.

Representing your business

Do you need assistance? Our attorney will be by your side for every major issue you encounter with your business. You may need a business attorney if:

  • You're going through arbitration
  • Your business is served with a lawsuit
  • You need to pursue legal action against a business or individual
Contract disputes, outstanding loans, bounced checks and other issues can all be resolved through business litigation. If you're wondering if our attorney can represent you, reach out to us today.

Moshe Z. Mirsky, Esq. has represented numerous businesses and individuals in matters relating to the purchase and sale of goods, collections, shareholder disputes, corporations and partnerships. Mr. Mirsky has also represented clients with regard to disputes with other business entities on a host of problems that arise in the day to day operations of a business. He also recognizes that while compromise and settlement may very often be the most advantageous route in resolving business disputes, one must also be prepared to follow through with either court proceedings or arbitration. He looks at the overall picture in each situation and utilizes a global approach to satisfy the needs of his clients.

If you're in need of a business attorney, contact Moshe Z. Mirsky, Esq. today to schedule your initial consultation.