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When you need legal representation, turn to an experienced attorney. Moshe Z. Mirsky, Esq. serves White Plains, NY and all of New York. You can turn to us if you're seeking legal assistance for a small company or corporation, an individual getting ready for a real estate transaction or someone planning for your family's future.

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Are you revising contracts for your business? Is it time to start closing on your new home? Moshe Z. Mirsky, Esq. assists clients through every phase of life. We provide legal services for:

  • Business litigation
  • Real estate transactions
  • Probate law and last wills and testaments
Our attorney will assist you with every facet of your life to make sure your business, your family and your future are all protected. Call 212-686-2340 today to discuss your legal matter with our attorney.

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Your search for an attorney doesn't have to be difficult. With Moshe Z. Mirsky, Esq., you can take on your situation with confidence. He's:

Knowledgeable -

he has over 40 years of experience

Compassionate -

he cares for every client and strives to assist them

Communicative -

he keeps clients in the loop and appraised of their situations

By putting clients first, he's able to provide the care and guidance they need. With him by your side, you can proceed with your legal situation with confidence. Contact Moshe Z. Mirsky, Esq. about your legal situation.